Casa do Médico is a 30 year old traditional family business located in Rio de Janeiro looking to broaden their reach through a franchise model. Their clients range from doctors, weekend warriors to bedridden elders. Their identity was reminiscent from the 90s and it showed.
They needed a timeless and frugal identity revamp in aesthetic and practical aspects. We made it as easy to apply as possible – think templates and basic tools that the owners could use themselves.
We repurposed the color yellow - frequently related to rehabilitation - for being a strong element that was also not often associated with healthcare, just slightly changing it to accommodate legibility with both black and white elements.
Their word mark was brought back to life so that it could live on for at least 30 more years. A symbol was made to represent what they offer: best in class products - a stethoscope; attention and good service - a smile; empathy and caring - a beating heart.

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