Chez Lalu is a French Épicerie located in the heart of Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro. With classic sandwiches, superb coffee and friendly service, the place has won the hearts of Cariocas and gringos looking for real food, made with locally-sourced products and techniques.
We designed the French-flaired identity around the cozy atmosphere and architecture. A custom titling face we called Chez Lalu 70 is the basis to playful graphic design, where Portuguese words melt with French just like in a delicious Croque Monsieur. 
Supporting the custom type is Bernhard and Mr. Eaves, each having an important role in the hierarchy of information and style. A subdued color palette, custom icons, vintage brand elements inspired by postal stamps are sprinkled through the store’s materials, on and offline communication. Together they enhance the guest’s experience while they are enjoying simple, tasty food.

Creative Director: Rodrigo Saiani
Designers: Ana Laura Ferraz, Carlos Mignot, Felipe Casaprima, Lucas Campoi, Rodrigo Saiani
Type Design: Rodrigo Saiani
Photography: Cora Food Concepts
Architecture: Camila Urbanetto de Azevedo

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