Mopi is a Rio de Janeiro school with an award winning green building and a knack for innovation. When it came to design their maker space, they turned to us at Plau for the branding and communication and to Plano, led by architect Davide Dulcetti, for planning and constructing the space.

First things first, we listened to the students, in order to understand what made a classroom innovative. Their vision gave us a great starting point.

Custom numbers

“Let’s” is a word with a can-do attitude, so we thought: can the room become its own branding?

We played with the shapes of each letter and sketched four pieces of furniture for each requirement: storage, electric, chemistry and recyclables. Every letter of the name became a part of the puzzle and the apostrophe was made into an idea lamp, all designed and fabricated from the ground up.

We devised a signage system and a bold visual style so that the space oozed with energy and could be used with minimum interference from the staff. We designed swag so that the kids could wear and share how much they cared about it.

The result is a brand/classroom that they can actually immerse themselves in, and a fun one at that.

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